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...loves a good crime novel and her writing shows she has read many of the whodunit murder mystery ilk. If you like a literary thriller with an unexpected twist, you will love to be the detective in the Sixth Partita and Miranda's Tempest. Both weave into the story Juliet's love of and experience in the field of music.

Juliet's books are based on her local Australian experience and her vast knowledge of music.

Her latest, an autobiographical book, was published in 2016.

She Shall Have Music

“The piano was always a game. Having no siblings near
enough to my age to play with, I simply had to make my
own fun, and for this, the piano was the playmate I never
had. It kept me occupied for hours.”

Brisbane musician and writer Juliet Hoey follows her two
critically acclaimed crime novels The Sixth Partita and
Miranda’s Tempest with this deeply personal account of her
struggles and triumphs in her determined quest to become a
pianist. After a promising beginning with a good teacher,
circumstances demanded a change of mentor, with
disastrous results.

“Sister Elizabeth was a very elegant lady. She was the
principal music teacher at the school. She was also the
angel of musical death to myriads of unfortunate students
who had the misfortune to shelter under her ineffectual wings.”
Years of heartbreaking struggle followed this appalling teaching, as the young student
worked relentlessly to rebuild a shattered technique, often in borrowed time.

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