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...loves a good crime novel and her writing shows she has read many of the whodunit murder mystery ilk. If you like a literary thriller with a unexpected twist, you will love to be the detective in the Sixth Partita and Miranda's Tempest. Both weave into the story Juliet's love of and experience in the field of music.

Juliet's books are based on her local Australian experience and her vast knowledge of music. Her next book, due to be published in 2016 is to be biographical.

Her latest novel, published in 2012 is...

Miranda's Tempest

What do you do when you have competing loves of music and writing? Combine them, of course.

Arts graduate Juliet Hoey has done just that, marrying a flair for writing with a passion for music in her suspense novel, The Sixth Partita.

"Miranda's Tempest" was launched by local councillor Gary Parsons on Bribie Island at the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra Concert on 15 July, 2012, where Juliet Hoey performed Bach's Keyboard Concerto in D Minor with Brisbane Symphony Orchestra.

Miranda’s Tempest is the second crime novel with a music setting from author Juliet Hoey. Following on her critically acclaimed debut novel The Sixth Partita, this recent work of crime/mystery is structured along the lines of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. The story is set in Queensland, Australia. Miranda, a Brisbane pianist, is depressed after finding out that her husband has had an affair. When she ignores warnings from her friend’s mother, Veronica, about an unsavoury character who is pursuing her, she is attacked and manages to escape with difficulty.

Meanwhile Veronica has found some old newspaper clippings about a crime committed many years ago in Europe, and quite by chance, learns soon afterwards about a mystery associated with Bribie Island, Queensland. While seemingly unconnected, the threads of these disparate events finally weave themselves into a hideous pattern as Miranda unwittingly chances upon a vital piece of evidence which puts her in extreme danger. In a chilling climax, she fights for her life.

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Miranda's Tempest is available from selected bookstores including:
Woorim Surfside Newsagent
Woorim Post Office
Bribie Island Community Arts Centre
The Surfside Museum
Collins Bookshop, Moryfield

Copies signed by the author are available direct from this website online.
or from certain bookstore signing days.

Also available from Amazon and from the publisher Zeus Publications, or directly from the author, ph 0409 898 201

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